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Pay for the order; After registration within minutes you will receive an email with information about your server. In it you will need an IP address login and password. The same information can be found in the FirstByte personal account to do this select the one you need in the list of virtual servers and click instruction; Connect to your server using the command line. In order to open it press on the Windows keyboard + R enter the cmd command and click run; In the window that opens enter the command ssh root where instead of specify the IP address of your server from the letter press Enter. Type yes in response to the message press Enter. Then paste the password from your server into the command line and press Enter again.

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IF everything is done correctly then rootwill appear at the bottom of the command line . where instead of will be the name of your server; Type sudo aptget update on the command line to update the OS on the server; To start the VPN you can use one of the readymade scripts as an Jamaica Mobile Number List example we will use one of them. Type in command lvpnsetup O && sudo sh After the installation is complete you will be assigned a username and password on the command line. For safety they must be changed. Enter the command: sudo nano w vpnsetup.

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Shy Then fill in the fields YOUR_IPSEC_PSK= ‘…’ YOUR_USERNAMEOUR_PASSWORD’ All values ​​must be specified in single quotes the YOUR_IPSEC_PSK clause must contain at least characters. Save your changes by pressing Ctrl+X then type Y and press Enter to Mailing Data Pro  confirm. Start the server itself to do this enter the command sudo sh After the operation is completed the server IP address will appear in the command line as well as the login password and key PSK you specified.

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