Taxi driverthe attackers call back and ask for the number of another card Angara Security added. Drivers say that when they agreed to such requests and shared their card details they began to receive push notifications and SMS messages from banks with the text Your credit card was denied. Thusscammersnot finding funds on the cardare trying to get a loan for its owner said Vera Kolenikovaan expert on brand protection at Angara Security. According to the companysome drivers contact the taxi aggregator’s help desk to get in touch with the person who created the order.

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Usually this ends with the fact that the “author” of the order is not in the know and claims that he did not call a taxi at allthe experts found out.The Government of the Russian Federation Sweden Phone Numbers List has established requirements for specialized top managers responsible for cybersecurity The Government of the Russian Federation has established requirements for specialized top managers responsible for cybersecurity The Russian authorities have specified the requirements for top managers who will be responsible for the sphere of information security in state bodies and state corporations.

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The main thing is the presence of specialized education. A candidate for the position must also have managerial and strategic skillsand official responsibility includes the risks of disclosing state secretsKommersant reports. The journalists studied the draft government decree on a standard provision on the deputy head of the companywho is responsible for Mailing Data Pro ensuring cybersecurityand on the specialized information security unit. The development of the regulation was carried out in accordance with the presidential decree of May according to which the deputy directors of organizations are now responsible for cyber risks. The requirements of the decree are extended to all federal authoritiesstate fundscorporationsstrategic and backbone enterprisesconstituent entities of the Russian FederationCII subjects financial institutions mobile operatorsetc According to the draft resolution.

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