Mobile Usability in Search Traffic

Of course, with all the importance that mobile usability has today, this section is as important as . HTML Improvements. In this case we can find problems related to the responsive version of our website . The most common case is that there are links very close together (such as the little social network icons at the top). As it is something that is not usually . Osed much and to which not much attention is paid, designers leave them very close together and this, according to Google, makes use difficult.

Status of Indexing in Google Index

This is one of those sections that hardly gives any information but what it does give can be either very good or very . Cad. In the first case, you will continue your “tan panchi” path. In the second, you will spend a lot of time top industry data looking for the reasons, “lost to the river”. This simple page shows you a graph of the pages indexed by Google on your website or blog. There you can see how they fluctuate . As a general rule, always in an ascending direction since you . Have more and more content. But what if there is a sudden drop.  What if pages suddenly start to become desidexed? Which are. What’s going on.

Tracking Errors in Tracking

Another of the sections that is most important in, we can put it that way, a first approach to Mailing Data Pro the SEO optimization of our page or blog. Think about it like this. With the number of pages on the Internet, even though Google has more spiders than.  Gizmo children in a pool, they are saturated . They hardly have the possibility of reconciling their work life with their family life. Their fabrics are frayed and some are even losing legs. More and more people are seen going to the botcologist and I have even seen many queuing “résumé in hand” at the doors of Bing.

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