IN this case, the buyer sees a selection of the bestsellers of the brand – products that attract the attention of other customers of the store. Recommendations on the brand page We give personal recommendations on the promotions page The page of promotions and sales is a great way to save money on buying branded clothes, shoes and accessories, because the products presented are sold at a reduced price. At the same time, it is possible to facilitate the choice of the client on this page, to make the process of online shopping even more comfortable by offering him the bestsellers with discounts: Recommendations on the promotions page We make personal offers in your account Registration on the site and the presence of a client account already speaks of his loyalty to the online store and his readiness to continue the Customer Journey.

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This opportunity should be used to demonstrate personal product recommendations – collections formed taking into account the preferences and actions of the buyer. Recommendations in your account We attract interesting offers on the error page Marketers often underestimate Panama Mobile Number List ┬áthe power of an error page, because when they see 404 numbers, a store visitor usually leaves with nothing. But this page can be used to make product offers to the client that are difficult to refuse. In the INTERTOP online store, the buyer is offered personal recommendations based on the interests shown by him.

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It is possible that among them there is a product that he wants to purchase. Recommendations on the 404 page We increase the effectiveness of recommendations on the site using Growth Hacking’a Our team is constantly improving the effectiveness of the personalization strategy using Growth Hacking and A/B testing technologies. This allows you to optimize the Customer Journey Map and find new growth points for online store business metrics. We find out which recommendations are most effective in the product card To find out which product recommendations.

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