A unique approach not meant for everyone, of course, but for those creative businesses, the full screen navigation type may be the way to go.

2. Edwin Europe

Edwin Europe Website Navigation Example

When it comes to clothing items, specifically  denim clothing items, the competition can be fierce. 

If customers don’t like your website and find it difficult to navigate to your product offerings, they’re not likely to stay for long.

The brand Edwin Europe knows this, and since many of its customers shop on mobile devices, a mobile-optimized website and navigation type became imperative. 

So, it went with a combined horizontal and vertical sidebar navigation approach. The visitor hovers over a category on the horizontal bar, and a vertical sidebar appears.

This navigation type works

 Beauty Website Navigation Example

Sometimes a straightforward approach is best. Take Beauty, for instance.

Keeping its horizontal navigation menu telephone list rather simple, it focuses on generating conversions and sales as the primary goal.

Visitors can easily and quickly locate what they are searching for every time.

In addition,  Beauty uses simple icons located to the far right, providing a way for visitors to easily navigate to other popular areas on the site, including their shopping cart, the member sign-in page, and the search feature.

The online news provider

When a website visitor clicks on the hamburger menu button, a second navigation menu pops up with links to other parts of the website.

Patagonia Website

For brands providing an extensive Mailing Data Pro catalog of products or items, such as Patagonia, a mega menu approach is often best.

From the horizontal bar at the top, a visitor can hover over the Shop option and be presented with the in-depth mega menu, which lists numerous links to choose from for browsing.

Hovering over the Sports option, visitors will see a smaller menu broken down by sport type, making it super easy to maneuver to exactly what they are looking for in a different manner.

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