The horizontal bar across the top also includes other options, like Stories and Activism. These two are not connected to a mega menu but instead can be clicked on to take the visitor to a separate section of the website.

This two-pronged approach works for Patagonia, providing visitors with a better shopping experience and also linking them to important information about the brand.

3 Top Best Practices for Website Navigation

As with everything in marketing, you need a strategy.

Considering how your website is laid out and how your visitors will navigate to the content it offers needs to be an essential part of your digital marketing plan.

To create a good experience for

If you already have a website, take advantage of attribution reporting if your marketing web analytics software offers this feature.

The report attributes newly created contacts to the interactions taken with your business. 

Such information allows your team to phone lists better understand what on your website is converting visitors into qualified leads, whether it be the content, functionality, or both.

Are website visitors spending the most time on your product pages or your blog? Which blog posts are garnishing the most attention?

Design your navigation to reflect what you find and prioritize those pages.

If you don’t have access to attribution

Website navigation menus need to stand out in a different way than your overall website content. To accomplish this, you’ll need to create some visual separation.

Ways to accomplish this include the use of:

By separating the navigation menu from Mailing Data Pro the other content elements on the webpage, you aid your visitors, alerting them to clickable text to help lead them to other areas on the website.

Utilize Buttons for Your Call-To-Action

For all your call-to-action inclusions, utilize a uniquely designed button.

Buttons on a website draw the eye of visitors, alerting them to links for taking some sort of action.

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