See with your own eyes what you can learn

And above all. See with your own eyes what you can learn to accomplish. Indesign and illustrator: illustrious unknowns let’s see in detail what we will talk about during our webinars . There are two appointments (for the moment!) . Free of charge . And to participate you just ne  to book by clicking on the links below: 1. Create a flyer with adobe indesign for your business marketing when? Tuesday 21 july. 6-7pm: book your place here! Adobe indesign is a professional layout program for print and digital ; it is recogniz  as the standard in organizing  itorial content and designing page layouts .


Will show us how to professionally lay

 It is a very important tool for all those who asia email list manage publishing and graphics elements for work or passion. Because with its intuitive interface it can help you create layouts that will get notic . Leonardo battaglini. Trainer in graphic design and photography (but also consultant on branding and corporate image activities for companies and professionals). Will show us how to professionally lay out a flyer in 5 minutes. With adobe indesign . And not only that: it will delve into some very interesting topics (did you know that you can do magic with styles?) and will answer all your questions! 


Optimization of workflows and high-impact

There are many reasons to participate… are you Mailing Data Pro still using xpress? Do you want to make a leap in quality and make your flyer prints. But also brochures. Manuals. E-books and digital magazines original? Do you deal with print  paper and would like to learn how to layout with an agile and fast program? During this webinar you will be able to understand the great potential of this software which. If explain  by a teacher who uses it daily . Guarantees you time savings . Optimization of workflows and high-impact layouts .


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