Advertising surrounds people everywhere, and customers are already fed up with its tricks. Once realizing that the company does not fulfill its promises, the client will easily end the relationship with her. Today it is very important to be honest with your customers, including within the framework of advertising campaigns: talk only about the real advantages of the product / service and your online store, do not embellish the facts, and most importantly, try to really become better for customers. For example, the online hypermarket Hoff promises to send an interior design checklist to every visitor to their site who signs up for an email newsletter. And he keeps his promises.

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Following the points of the checklist, it is easier for the client to make a shopping list and make a choice in the store catalog. Retention Strategy: 5 Effective Tricks to Grow Retention Rate Conclusion Losing a permanent customer base is costing a business too much. Customers Dominican Republic Mobile Number List who already buy from you give the company a great chance to increase profits, since they often purchase goods for a large amount. Your key task is to constantly monitor the changing customer base and personalize the approach to customers, anticipating their expectations.The Russian division of Retail Rocket will be headed by the top manager of “Yandex” 18 Mar 2021 intro news In February 2021, due to the active development.

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OF the company and international expansion, Sergey Timokhin, a former top manager of Yandex IT Corporation, took the place of the head of the Russian office of Retail Rocket. For more than 5 years, Sergey has been managing enterprise projects in Yandex in Mailing Data Pro the sectors: retail, telecom, finance and real estate. According to Nikolay Khlebinsky, CEO and co-founder of the company, strengthening the management team is a logical continuation of the aggressive growth strategy, and Sergey will contribute to business development through his rich experience and competencies in management, marketing and customer service. From the moment the company was founded, Nikolai Khlebinsky led the operational work of the Russian office, was engaged in the strategic development of the company and was responsible for entering foreign markets.

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