Which customer segments are primarily affected by it and why, what factors most often cause customer loss, what is the churn dynamics. By controlling this indicator and developing a customer retention strategy in a timely manner, a crisis situation can be avoided. Types of customer churn Despite the fact that customer churn is a negative factor for a business, you need to understand that it is impossible to completely avoid it. Because the outflow is natural and motivated. A natural churn is when customers leave due to circumstances that you cannot control. A change of residence, the growing up of a baby, the loss of a beloved pet, a change in tastes and preferences – all these individual factors can cause your clients to naturally leave.

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For example, baby stores lose their customers when a child grows up. With a motivated churn, the client consciously makes a choice not in your favor. Perhaps he found alternative offers on the market or was dissatisfied with the service or the quality of the goods. Separately, we can Ecuador Mobile Number List  note the hidden churn rate , when the buyer continues to make purchases, but makes them much less often and / or for a smaller amount than usual. It is too early to count such clients in the churn rate, but they require special attention, since, most likely, they have already begun testing your competitors.

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Reasons for customer churn and solutions When there is an outflow of the client audience, it is important to analyze the situation and understand its causes. This will allow Mailing Data Pro you to build the most effective retention strategy and quickly move to action. We will not dwell on some aspects, such as the quality of goods or a low level of service, since the solution to these problems lies in a different business plane. Let’s focus on the reasons in the field of marketing and customer service. Weak onboarding and shortcomings at the.

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