But also to make this work part of the system: Track the movement of customers by segments in dynamics; Conduct customer return activities. The Petshoponline store monitors traffic dynamics on a monthly basis, and for activities they chose a frequency of once every two months: in order not to spam users, but to prepare good marketing campaigns for returning customers. Depending on the characteristics of the business and the capabilities of the company, these periods may differ, but the main goal remains the same – to systematically control the outflow and work effectively to retain customers by adjusting the marketing strategy in real time.

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Results The study was conducted recently, so it is too early to talk about the results. But it is obvious that churn can be reduced, first of all, through systematic work with client data, the study of the true causes and the correct interpretation of the information received. And effective Sri Lanka Mobile Number List solutions lie not only in the plane of communication with customers, but also in identifying the “weak points” of the business, issues that concern the client: the availability of goods, delivery, ease of use of the site, etc. How to get more than 500% ROI using automated email communication: Domovoy case 15 Apr 2021 intro-domovoj Retaining customers is one of the most important tasks of a marketer, and communication with customers plays an important role in this process.

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The more accurately the store falls into the interests of the client, the better it chooses the moment to remind about itself, the higher the results for the business. And if communication Mailing Data Pro is also automated, the benefits for the business increase significantly. We talk about building trigger communication and the intricacies of setting up each scenario in our case with the Domovoy online store. Figures and facts Domovoy is one of the largest supermarket chains in St. Petersburg, which is also actively developing in Moscow and the regions.

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