This is how the map of behavioral triggers of the Domovoy online store looks like: trigger card Reminder about items added to cart Abandoned Cart is one of the most popular e-commerce email marketing scenarios. It allows you to remind the client that he stopped one step away from making a purchase – he has already chosen and added the goods of interest to the basket. Our experts not only know what content of the letter is most relevant to the interests of the recipient, but also at what point to send the newsletter so that he does not lose motivation to buy. Scenario “Abandoned Cart” We help you make a choice, even if the product was not found If the client used the.

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Search bar on the site, most likely, he came for a specific purchase, which means he is more motivated to place an order. If for some reason the order was not placed, you can send Taiwan Mobile Number List him a letter with a reminder of the pending action and recommendations of products suitable for the search query. abandoned search We inform you about the price reduction of the item in the basket Some shoppers add items to their shopping cart to track their price changes. Others simply forget about the unfinished action and do not pursue any goal. But both of them will be interested to know about the price reduction.

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For the positions they are interested in. Our email marketers are aware of this and craft emails based on customer behavior. Reducing the price of an item in the cart Mailing Data Pro Suggest next most likely purchase Thanks to the capabilities of artificial intelligence and big data technology, our platform is able to predict what products and at what point in time the client will need. Based on the analysis of the purchases of all customers of the store, consumption chains are built, and each new customer falls into one of these chains.

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