Like it or not, this combination attracts Your Guide even the least curious minds and, if the story is in audiovisual format, as in the case of ” Cocaine Bear”, the cocktail can be explosive. Therefor, this German feature film. Which will be released in February 2023, is, as its name suggests, about a bear who has taken drugs. As a consequence, behaves aggressively, endangering the inhabitants of a small town. Far from being fiction, this story is based on real events.


In 1985 a smuggler Your Guide dropped around

40 kilos of cocaine worth almost US$20 million from a plane away. Although the facts are true, the film, directed and co-produced by industry email list Elizabeth Banks , recreates the behavior of the “high bear” and focuses the plot on the killing carried out by the cocaine-fueled animal. The film features the late Ray Liotta. In his last role before passing away, as well as actors Keri Russell, O’Shea Jackson Jr, Christian Convery-Jennings, Alden Ehrenreich and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.


The absurd strategy behind Cocaine Bear

The trailer, which came out last Sunday, has already caused a stir Mailing Data Pro among the public and has managed to go viral in just a few days. But beyond  entertainment. Advertising and marketing experts see the film as a great opportunity to capture the attention of viewers. “The more outlandish and unique a story is. The more attention it will attract,” Karen Freberg , a marketing expert. Professor of strategic communications at the University of Louisville, told The Drum . Therefor, Attention is today’s currency. People crave new entertainment to distract them from other things,” she said.  In an industry that has in many ways become obsessed with messages focused on purpose and values, the frank absurdity of the creative projects. Marketing strategies that “Cocaine Bear” embodies contrasts by promising guilt-free frivolity.

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