Thousand companies. Let’s talk about the email with the subject: “Illegitimate use of Google Analytics: request for removal pursuant to art. 17 GDPR” sign by Ferico Leva from Helsinki. s and marketing managers in their tracks, for this reason we believe it is useful to try to better understand the behavior to adopt following the receipt of this email or similar ones. Even though we are not lawyers, what we recommend as an agency is to respond to Ferico Leva or other users who make a request of this type.

However, some technical precautions are ne to act correctly,

Along the lines of legality, by deleting the specific user’s data. You might be interest in: “Google Analytics 4: what changes compar to africa email list  Universal Analytics?” How to delete the data of a user who requests it google analytics To delete a user’s data using Universal Analytics (or Google Analytics 3) it is necessary to have a specific reference available, i.e. the client_id. This is releas by Google through a cookie nam _ga. In the case of the email receiv from Mr. Leva, the correct thing to do would be to reply to the sender declaring that they are fully available to delete his data, given the indication of his client _id,

Since in the standard email that he sent to companies,

Only the class (ip 51.158.xy) is present. This data alone is not sufficient to identify the user to be delet. Naturally this is only the basic aspect to comply with the provisions of the law, but an organic intervention is ne to adapt your training registration and conservation system from an overall safety perspective. TweetShare Marco Targa Mailing Data Pro  Employee Advocacy is, therefore, to identify the brand ambassadors. This is not a massive action, but a target one, testing a few select employees with the most suitable characteristics to export the company’s voice and image externally, testing the results and correcting possible errors. 

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