To the provisions of the Privacy. You might be interest in: “New Google Analytics: fundamental aspects to know” Data retention and rules governing the matter google analytics Going into concrete terms, in recent months many companies have receiv one or more emails requesting data deletion in compliance with the regulations in force. The essential prerequisite consists in the fact that on June 23rd, starting from an ongoing lawsuit, the Privacy Guarantor publish an official note ordering a stop to the use of Analytics, or rather to the transfer of data to the USA,

without adequate guarantees.

To this note is add the official provision through which the Guarantor himself specifies that “a website  europe email list that uses the Google Analytics (GA) service, without the guarantees provid for by the EU Regulation, violates data protection legislation because it transfers to the Unit States, country without an adequate level of protection, user data”. In the USA, in fact, there would not be an adequate level of data protection as requir by the European DGPR. Emails with requests to adapt to the new provisions google analytics Following these regulatory decisions, many companies have receiv emails, even in very peremptory tones, with a request to comply with the provisions of the Guarantor.

One of these, in particular, has reach several

Do you ne Evaluating each individual case for its specificities (presence or otherwise on social mia and degree of influence on third parties). A planning that necessarily involves multiple company sectors, in particular Human Resources, Marketing and Internal Communication. The first step of   Mailing Data Pro  Employee Advocacy is, therefore, to identify the brand ambassadors. This is not a massive action, but a target one, testing a few select employees with the most suitable characteristics to export the company’s voice and image externally, testing the results and correcting possible errors.

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