The important thing is that, barring the unforeseeable, there is a schuling of messages, with the aim of creating value for the company without diminishing the independence of the employee who acts as a megaphone towards the outside. action creat for the real involvement of the employee in the work activity in which he works. The benefits that can be drawn from this are those of a company capable of satisfying the expectations of its employees, thus becoming attractive to other talents as well.

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Davide Rossi Written by Davide Rossi I grew up in the world of information, studying asia email list  and reading about history, politics and psychology, marketing, branding and much, much more. After years of working as a strategic consultant for digital communication, today I am Operations Director of Inside. Do you want to meet me for a consultation? Scroll down this page and you will reach our contacts!Google Analytics: what to do when you receive an email requesting data removal pursuant to art. 17 GDPR MARCO TARGA – 25 AUGUST 2022

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Of the transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 through several articles. An action that will be mandatory starting from 1 July 2023. It is interesting and useful to understand what to do during the period in which these two platforms of the Google universe are both active and available, in particular to avoid running into problems relating  Mailing Data Pro  Employee Advocacy is, therefore, to identify the brand ambassadors. This is not a massive action, but a target one, testing a few select employees with the most suitable characteristics to export the company’s voice and image externally, testing the results and correcting possible errors.

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