Renew awards for HCI and distribut files and objects By Lee Caswell May | mins IT managers in companies like to exchange their experiences with IT products and services. This exchange often goes beyond pure feature comparisons and includes a holistic view of the positive or negative impact of products and vendors on a company. Why we think  Gartner Peer Insights™ Voice of the Customer recognizes vendors bas on customer reviewshelping to meet the ne for trust information sharing at a time when face-to-face interactions have been difficult.

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Clients who access Gartner Peer Insights will find user reviews of technology products and services that go through a defin validation and moderation process and are rich in real-world experiences. Fourth consecutive award in the HCI category We are very pleas to receive the Brunei Business Email List fourth Gartner Peer Insight award in the Hyperconverg Infrastructure HCI categoryespecially given the extensive expansion of our full-stack capabilities. We see this as recognition of our engineers’ achievements in a continu focus on the HCI customer experience as new capabilities are add to the Nutanix Cloud Platform.

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use blockfile and object storage

Second award in the Distribut Files and Objects category Equally notableNutanix is ​​the only HCI vendor to receive recognition in this category. Nutanix offers its  to  on the same platform. The growing Nutanix customer experience A compelling benefit of HCI products is Mailing Data Pro
their ease of administration. It is impressive to see how this value-adding type of administration is equally appreciat by file and object users. Describing how the one-click upgrade process of our HCI offering also impacts distribut files and objectsa Nutanix customer describ how: “My favorite feature in Nutanix Files is the one-click upgrade feature. Before we had this featureupdating our architecture was a painbut now all I have to do is click and Nutanix does the rest.

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