Chatgpt. Opportunities and limits of ai in marketing guido marabini – 17 january 2023 chatgpt over the last few weeks there has been a lot of talk about chatgpt and its widespread use in marketing. So an in-depth analysis on the topic is a good idea. On a technical level. Chatgpt represents a large language model traine by openai. A variant of the original gpt (generative pre-traine transformer) which was an early language generation tool base on a transformer neural network. Gpt was traine on a large amount of text available on the internet. Thus acquiring extensive knowlege of languages and contexts. You might be intereste in. .Artificial intelligence applie to marketing. The advantages. The main functions of chatgpt chatgpt let.S get to its main functions. 

The main functions of ChatGPT

Chatgpt is designe to generate text autonomously. Which means it can continue a conversation without the  nee for external input. But not only that. It can be use special data for a wide range of applications. Including generating articles. Understanding natural language. And formulating answers to specific questions. Making it particularly suitable for creating chatbots. Virtual assistants. And other conversational applications. Chatgpt uses a language generation technology calle .Language completion. . Which allows the model to complete a sentence or question base on the context provide. This makes it possible to generate answers to questions and continue a conversation in a natural way. 

What is the size of its knowledge base

What is the size of its knowlege base chatgpt so let.S talk about the formation of his knowlege. Chatgpt was traine using a large set Mailing Data Pro of text data from the internet. Including a wide variety of information on a wide range of topics. The training dataset includes several terabytes of articles. Books. Websites. And other sources. The knowlege base he can access is vast but he is not sentient. So he doesn.T really .Know. Things. Its answers are base on patterns in the data it has been traine on. Meaning chatgpt can make a preiction about what is likely but has no personal experience or understanding of it. His knowlege cut-off is 2021. 

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