Customers are already on these social messaging apps if you want to have a conversation with someone. You need to be where they are. You can’t chat up that cutie at the cocktail party if she’s hanging in the kitchen and you’ve gotten yourself trappe in the ensuite again. Right. A preicte 3.51 billion people worldwide will be using messaging apps in 2025   whatsapp alone already has more than two billion of those active users. Social messaging apps are what everyday people are using to message their friends and families. Why not make their lives a little easier and be available there. Too. It’s a speey way to offer service there’s a reason it’s called “instant messaging.” social media messaging can be a super-fast way to respond to requests.

Compare to Email or Leaving Someone Lingering

Comments. And concerns. Compare to email or leaving someone lingering in hold-music purgatory on your helpline. H&m instagram dm business chat ninety percent of consumers say that speedy resolution is the most important thing in a positive customer service experience. But if you’re understaffe or overwhelmed by messages. 

It may actually be a struggle to keep b2b leads up with the speed social media users expect from chat apps   because those messages are coming in fast and furious. For instance. On facebook messenger. 20 billion messages are exchange between customers and businesses every single month. Tech like conversational chatbots can step in to fill that gap and field common questions.

Global Spending Via Conversational

So you can save the human power for tackling more intricate customer service issues. More about the benefits of chatbots here. Tap into the power of conversational commerce having an actual conversation with someone is a classic irl sales tool   ‘conversational commerce’ is the digital equivalent. Conversational commerce refers to the sweet spot between shopping and messaging apps. 

Consumers can use social messaging Mailing Data Pro tools to get recommendations. Ask questions. Get support. And chat with company reps. Whatsapp conversational ai they might be messaging with a real human being or a conversational ai chatbot. But either way. It’s a new way of shopping that’s extremely lucrative for businesses. Global spending via conversational commerce channels is predicted to reach $290 billion in the next two years.

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