Do you ne Or on reading data regarding your website? I’m the right person! Implementing Employee Advocacy: how to manage internal ambassadors DAVIDE ROSSI – 30 AUGUST 2022 employee advocacy We know that Employee Advocacy is a very useful tool for promoting the company. The basis is to implement programs that are both strategic and pragmatic at the same time in order to make employees a sort of ambassadors of the brand’s.

Values ​​towards the outside world. As?

Do you ne  Through physical word of mouth, but also using personal social profiles. You might be interest in: “Employee email list   Advocacy: enhancing the company through the role play by employees and collaborators” The essence of Employee Advocacy employee advocacy At a tactical level, Employee Advocacy involves the planning of specific actions aim in particular at employee engagement. The premise is to be able to best convey the company’s values ​​and instill all possible attention in applying them consistently, without forgetting care for the well-being of employees and respect for their rights.

Only then can we move on to their actual involvement,

Do you ne Evaluating each individual case for its specificities (presence or otherwise on social mia and degree of influence on third parties). A planning that necessarily involves multiple company sectors, in particular Human Resources, Marketing and Internal Communication. The first step of   Mailing Data Pro  Employee Advocacy is, therefore, to identify the brand ambassadors. This is not a massive action, but a target one, testing a few select employees with the most suitable characteristics to export the company’s voice and image externally, testing the results and correcting possible errors.

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