The time given to us in this world is the entire time we have to plant the seeds of good deeds in the hope that we will reap the rewards of goodness in the afterlife.

This time is limited and cannot be repeated, exchanged or given to others.

It’s a losing game unless we make the most of the time.

Time is related given taufik, success or ability, to realize the value of time.

What can we practice?
Appreciate the value of time:

We are aware of how precious time is and how easily it passes

Once it goes, it never comes back.

Act immediately (sense of urgency):
Don’t think that we have a lot of time or that Whatsapp Mobile Number List we put off doing things until we reach a certain age — start now!

Invest Time To Serve God
A few years ago, two Muslim students of equal intelligence and caliber were admitted to the university to begin their undergraduate studies.

Both take the same classes and have equal access to all facilities.

However, one of them dedicated a lot of his time to serving Muslims on campus through the Muslim Student Association at the university.

He also does various volunteer activities.

While another person decided not to get involved with such activities and only focus on studies.

The result?

Four years later both graduated with the same degree with roughly the same marks

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The difference is that students who dedicate their Mailing Datapro time to serving their friends and are active in this community have more experiences that give them a variety of more interesting opportunities.

This is a typical example of the value and benefit of investing time in serving God and receiving His blessings.

We must know that God is the Owner of Time and without His permission, nothing can be done.

So investing our time to serve Him will never be a waste, it should even be a priority in our lives.

This investment takes many forms, including:

Give awareness about Islam
Serving the community
Help humanity
What can we practice?
Time Audit
With paper and pen in hand, count how much time we have invested in serving God for the whole day

Add all the activities that feel part of this investment as mentioned earlier, and see how we can increase this investment in the future.

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