How Personal Recommendations in Bulk Emails Helped Increase Conversion by . ELC Russia Case Stud your main goal is to take care of the comfort and harmonious development of your children. That is why when creating our educational toys we take into account the opinions of not only leading designers and psychologists but also our most important customers children. We want to be as useful as possible for our customers and we are convinced that an individual approach to each user and a detailed consideration of their interests and needs is the key to customer satisfaction and retailer success.

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We entrusted the issue of personalizing email newsletters to the Retail Rocket team and we are very pleased with the result. Adding personalized recommendations to emails helped to significantly increase the conversion and revenue of email campaigns.An old friend is better UK Mobile Number List than two new ones tips for creating an effective loyalty program May intro Attracting a new customer costs an online store times more than motivating an existing subscriber to make a repeat purchase. In addition loyal customers spend more than new visitors to an online store. Content . Make registration in the loyalty program as simple as possible for the client . Offer signup bonuses. Customize the site for each client . Segment your customer base to build the right communication with each group.

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OFfer your most loyal customers VIP status . Create a customer community. Motivate buyers to leave reviews . Implement a referral program Conclusion The loyalty program allows the retailer to give special attention to more profitable customer segments. As a result the Mailing Data Pro online store becomes attractive precisely for those customers who bring it the most revenue due to frequent purchases and a higher average check. Today we will talk about the basic principles of effective marketing communication with regular customers using the example of large retailers from various industries.

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