IN turn, advertising campaigns targeted at certain segments allow you to increase conversion, reduce ADR, CPA, and the percentage of returns. The Customer Intelligence Platform RR module is a very handy tool for our tasks. Thanks to this module, we can interact with users at every stage of the funnel,” Artem Razgonyaev, Head of Internet Marketing at Cozy Home. How base segmentation helped to halve the ADR of advertising campaigns: Cozy Home case “Our new Customer Intelligence Platform module allows you to segment users, create more personalized advertising campaigns for them and thus increase conversion, average check and revenue.

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We are glad that we helped our colleagues from the online store Cozy Home to find a new lever of interaction with customers online, and it gave such excellent results,” Rashid Azizov, Retail Rocket Manager.How personalization of a mobile application allows you to Benin Mobile Number List  implement a customer-centric approach: cases of Hoff, SberMegaMarket and Rive Gauche 08 Nov 2021 Merchandising personalization For many companies, the mobile application and the website exist separately from each other, that is, the users of the application and the website are considered different users.

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This creates a lot of problems: from the lack of a single customer profile to annoying communications that literally follow the buyer in all channels. As a result, instead of a positive shopping experience, the customer gets a “broken” CJM, and the retailer gets a growing Mailing Data Pro churn rate. We talk about how the integration of a personal approach in a mobile application helps to implement a customer-centric approach and data-driven culture in a company, creates the “right” CJM and ensures revenue growth, we talk about the example of market leaders. How it should work Imagine that your client uses both the site and the mobile app: he gets acquainted with the catalog.

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