Resource on a long search for goods in the store. It is especially difficult for buyers of stylish clothes, shoes and accessories – people with delicate taste and high demands, because in order to assemble a fashionable image piece by piece, they have to “go around” not a single boutique, regardless of whether it works offline or online. mode. Online store Elytis . ru The task of the store is to make the customer’s Customer Journey as easy as possible by immediately making the most relevant offer and showing the most interesting. Therefore, the ElytSu online boutique set the following tasks for us: Develop an effective personalization strategy on the site for each customer; Increase customer loyalty to the store and the products offered; Increase key business indicators: conversion, revenue and average check.

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How a personal approach generates more than 12% of orders: the case of the online boutique “ We work in the fashion field, and here an individual approach to each El Salvador Mobile Number List customer is extremely important, because everyone has different tastes and preferences . Some customers have been buying clothes and shoes from us for years, and we know exactly what brands and styles they are interested in.

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But the business is actively developing, and in order to meet the high requirements of the audience, we turned to Retail Rocket experts to personalize goods on the boutique’s website ” , – Klim Yadrintsev, Internet Boutique Development Director. Retail Rocket Mailing Data Pro Solution There is no universal solution in the field of personalization of product offers – it is different for each online store. At the same time, it is important to take into account many features of the business: from the scope of the company to the number of SKUs in its catalog. Data Warehouse, one of the modules of our platform, allows you to collect customer data from different sources.

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