Graphics functions have been overcome. TodayGPU slicing on servers also enables fast graphics functions for client devices. Because of these and many other differencesmany experts are already doing without the term VDIwhich they believe is misleadingand  computing Enduser Computing EUC by which they understand an approach in which users can access the same central devices securely across multiple devices can access resources. VDI is ripe – and the time is ripe for VDI For a technology to be successfulit not only nes a sufficient.

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Number of reliable functions and must be available at an acceptable price. On a broad scaleit will only be successful if the framework conditions are right and the time is right. VDI is still a niche todaybut one that can no longer be neglect. Right nowhowevera lot is  VDI into French Guiana Business Email List the cards and through which the approach can demonstrate its strengths. All of the technology trends  in favor of VDI. But I have the feeling that dealing with the effects of the pandemic will be a turning point for VDI. Because as soon as someonefrom the.

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CIO and CEO to the users in the companyhas experience with VDIthey quickly become aware of the advantages. In shortVDI offers a highly economicalsecureand effective way to deploy client infrastructure. This is particularly evident in uncertain timesin which rapidsmooth adjustment to ever-changing circumstances is the trump cardomeoffice flexibel für alle Mitarbeiter ermöglichen Von: Thomas Burger und Pascal Scheib.

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