Therefore, it is important that you recognize which subjects you have the greatest potential in, as it will help you choose a profession that suits your abilities. There are careers that do not require great mathematical formulas to develop as a professional, but this does not mean that you will never see a basic mathematics course throughout your university life, especially in the first cycles of studies. List of careers that do not require mathematics 1. Psychology This career focuses on human behavior to transform people’s lives and improve their relationships with others.

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As a future psychologist, you will have to apply techniques and tools aim at prevention, intervention, evaluation and monitoring of people and groups. You can work in three fields: clinical, ucational and organizational. 2. Law Law is a discipline business lead that provides the ability to analyze and investigate to contribute to the development of society. If you choose this career path you will become an expert in law enforcement. svg E 3. Communications It is an area that includes several specializations so that you become a communication strategist with digital tools.

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Communication and Journalism Communication and Graphic Design Communication and publicity Corporate communication Audiovisual Communication in Digital Mia 4. Industrial Design If you choose this career, you will be in charge of designing objects that respond to the nes of the user, institutions and the industry, from packaging to models of technological items, applying Mailing Data Pro technical processes with technological innovation to improve people’s lives. Studying Industrial Design means that you must use mathematical tools for measurement and prototyping. However, these are not the formulas that might seem stressful to you during your school years.

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