Coincidence the rapid development was stimulat by the  law on the protection of critical information infrastructure which obliges companies with CII facilities to switch to Russian software. “If you understand that the product provides critical processes for the operation of your company then it is better not just to use open source but to replace it with a domestic “box solution that has the ability to technical support and meets basic security requirements if such a solution exists on the market ” . Nikolai Nashivochnikov (Gazinformservice) “A lot of services and products have their analogues in Russia as Pavel Guralnik (ISPsystem). – Starting from collaboration tools and ending with video conferencing products and platforms for virtualization orchestration of data center infrastructure etc.

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There is an alternative in the country but users have questions about the fact that many domestic solutions do not coincide with Western ones one to one. And this is not a matter of lack of functionality but a matter of habit and retraining of your employees. These are new solutions Switzerland Phone Numbers List that ne to be purchas implement integrat with other IT systems a tremendous  amount of work nes to be done to train staff and generally understand how the solution works. Somewhere customers will have to compromise because the functionality of the domestic solution will not match the Western product. But it’s not a matter of that domestic products are worse they are just different.

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They have their own history of creation their own development roadmap their own vision of the functionality that the market requires and their own client base. Roman Dzvinko (BusinessAvtomatika) is optimistic. “Today the Russian Mailing Data Pro market provides a full range of systems for automating organizations of any industry and scale. It will be more likely to speak about the shortage in the field of IT personnel since it may be difficult to use the services of developers from neighboring countries and in the field of the element base for creating IT equipment since the components were not produc but import from abroad he believes . “The import substitution of ERP systems for enterprise.

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