Gipped case 17 Dec 2021 Trigger emails Retaining and increasing the loyalty of those who already buy from you is an opportunity not only to increase the profitability of the business, but also to ensure repeat sales. In the previous case with the Gape monogramed online hypermarket, we talked about optimizing CJM by personalizing offers on the site, and now we will explain how trigger scenarios allow you to increase revenue and upsell to current customers.

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Figures and facts Gipfel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tableware and kitchen accessories with a 24-year history. Today it occupies the 1st place in the number of chain stores of utensils and household goods in Russia. The assortment Country Email List of tableware and accessories includes more than 3,000 items; annually, the company releases more than 150 new products. The main task: to provide a personal approach to each client in the email channel, increasing their loyalty and motivating them to make repeat purchases.Thus, to ensure the growth of the main metrics: revenue and conversion to orders. Solution: run trigger scenarios that additionally motivate customers to complete the Customer Journey up to checkout and return to . results More than 12% revenue growth with triggered emails: Gipfel case Goals and objectives of the Gipfel online store More than 12% revenue growth with triggered emails: Gipfel case e store, as a rule, belong to a loyal audience, because they initially prefer a particular brand. An additional incentive to continue conversion actions, as well as make new purchases, can be triggers – email newsletters that respond to each action or lack of action of the client.

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They allow you to increase brand loyalty, stimulating you to buy again. With this in mind, the following tasks were set: Set up and launch trigger scenarios to increase Mailing Data Pro customer loyalty and motivate them to make repeat purchases; Increase revenue and conversion to orders. We increase loyalty through trigger mailings Triggers allow you to respond to any client action or lack thereof, returning him to the online store over and over again. Our platform knows when to send a trigger email.

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