the ads have the often and often to an even wider audience. Consequently. they also collect a huge number of more views in relation to traffic. Especially if your product selection is a bit more comprehensive. Shopping ads are not bas on precisely list keywords. Searches in which your Shopping product listings are display aim to match your products using the product name and other information in the product fe. Therefore. even broad searches may activate your ads.

Mean that Shopping advertising

However. this does not cannot bring relevant traffic to your online store. In the campaign view business database of our e-commerce client below. you can see how the CTR figure of Shopping campaigns can behave when the ROAS figure of the campaign is even over 1600%. Figure 2. Google Shopping campaign view of a company focus on fashion online shopping In addition to the REACH phase.

These campaigns should be interpret mostly

if you have 10 clicks and 100 impressions. your CTR is 10%. A high click-through rate is a Mailing Data Pro good sign that applicants find . The click-through rate also has an effect on the quality score of your keywords . By achieving high quality scores for the keywords you use. you will get a better ranking for your ad and cheaper clicks. The click-through rate therefore also affects the estimat click-through rate of your keyword. which is one of the factors affecting the placement of the ad.

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