They are just different. Just staring at the click-through rate is not  enough or profitable in the long run. It is more important to interpret the figure correctly at different stages of the purchase process and take measures bas on it. Interpretation of click rates in different phases of the MRACE® model Search ads are part of the REACH phase in our MRACE® model . In general. they also collect the highest click rates. because targeting bas on search terms is really effective and relevant.

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What if the type of Google Ads campaign you are using is not traditional search advertising? You are still working towards REACH phase advertising with your online store business lead and you decide to create a Google Shopping campaign bas on your product fe. The click rate of your campaign is 0.76% after one month. Whats wrong? Not necessarily anything at all. There are multiple times the amount of advertising space reserv for shopping advertising compar to search advertising. In this case.

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users can be driven from the Ads account towards the CONVERT or ENGAGE phase. The Mailing Data Pro easiest way to do this is on the Ads platform with the help of visual campaign types. such as Display or Discovery campaigns. The click percentages of as individual cases. In display advertising aim at a cold audience. CTR figures can often drop even below one percent.

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