The average click-through rate is 6 to 7 percent. The number seems rather low. but of course it also depends on the targeting of advertising. B2C services. we have achiev CTR figures of over 20% with relatively little effort – even without brand keywords. On the other hand. application volumes in Finland are lower than the international level. Figure.

View of an operator focusing

Google Ads search campaign on B2C renovation business email list services As an advertiser. you can go through the click rates of different industries. but you still only get a partial answer. The average CTR value for your industry is only indicative and may not correspond to the campaigns in your own ad account. Why are there so many differences in click-through rates? Lets imagine. for example. that you are the owner of a travel agency. According to a report by WordStream by LOCALiQ.

Your industry at the beginning

What keywords are you bidding on? Generic. long-tail words or brand words? Which Mailing Data Pro audience are you targeting? New customers or returning users with RLSA campaigns using remarketing lists? It is difficult to give a universal guideline for a good click-through rate directly. As an advertiser. it is important for you to remember that one click rate is not necessarily good and another bad.

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