IPs for external connectivity outside

AOS the Storage Summary widget is enhanc with additional usage details. Now the disk space occupi by snapshots is display in the detail sectionso that administrators can get an impression of the share of snapshots in the total disk space us. truetrue Advanc Virtual Networking subnet extension Our VPN gateway originally offer the functionality to connect  in two Virtual Private Clouds VPCs and to use an automatically provision and stable VPN. Nowwith AOS . and Prism Central pc..we’ve add the functionality to enable true hybrid cloud connectivity of workloads.

Different subnets rout via Layer

Seamlessly across two or more sites using Layer subnet extension to connect with each other. With a standards-basmulti-point-aware Virtual Terminal End-Point VTEP network gateway leveraging VXLANorganizations are able to host their own Nutanix Flow™ network VPC or AHV -Network to connect to a physical network. Between Flow Networking VPCsthe Afghanistan Business Email List network gateway can be us for direct subnet expansion or network expansion over a secure VPN connection. The interconnect sites are now display as a single connect Layer domain or as an expand subnet. In additionmultiple sites can be connect in a point-to-multipoint extend subneteven if the physical sites are on different.

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Subnets using the flow networking

Layer networks. true Multiple external networks Flow networking. Originally allow access through an external network with or without NAT Network Address Translation. With NATcustomers can use a SNAT source NAT IP address and floating  of the VPC. Without NATcustomers can configure their infrastructure routers to connect to Mailing Data Pro VPCVPC’s router IP. Prior to AOS . and Prism Central pc..customers had to choose between external NAT or non-NAT networks. Now customers can configure a VPC with an external network with NAT to access services such as the Internet and set up a second external network for non-NAT to route access to internal resources.

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