ON the infrastructure’s underlay network. This allows Nutanix customers to true Simplifi management and automation VM templates for AHV The introduction of VM templates in AHV with AOS . makes it easier than ever to provision virtual machines. OriginallyAHV depend on virtual machine images that could be creatclonor export. The image library focus on capturing the data within the vDisk so that it could be easily clon. Howevercompleting the process requir additional input from the administrators. With VM templatesAOS.

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Takes this concept to the next level of simplification. VM templates in AHV are creat from existing virtual machines so that they contain the attributes of the underlying VM such as CPUmemory and network details. The template can then be configur to customize Armenia Business Email List the guest operating system upon deployment and optionally provide a Windows license key.  different versions of a templateallowing for easy updates such as operating system and application patches without having to create a new template. Remove multiple nodes at once Cluster size can now be ruc faster and more efficiently than ever.

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Multiple nodes can now be remov from a cluster at the same time instead of one at a time as before. In the earlier methodit could happen that the data was  to another node that was also suppos to be remov. In this casethe data had to be mov againslowing down the process and increasing the impact of balancing the data on the cluster. The new node removal processon the Mailing Data Pro to be mark for removal. AOS then takes care of the proper placement of the data and reserves enough disk space to ensure availability during the removal process. Storage container management in Prism Central The multi-cluster management tool Prism® Central can run operations across different clusters from a single location. Previouslythere were specific tasks such as storage management.

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