Encryption of DR replication traffic is now an integral part of our platformprotecting DR replication traffic without the ne for third-party VPN or SSL tunneling products. This feature seamlessly encrypts replication traffic between Nutanix clusters for both Protection Domains and the Nutanix Leap ™ DR service. This makes it easier and cheaper to set up disaster recovery for w. Improv AOS VSS Provider AOS . also includes a new and improv VSS provider. We’ve made three improvements design to add functionality and flexibility to using VSS.

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Support for both full and incremental backups. . Writers can now be exclud to allow granular recovery of the application-specific construct. . The ability to generate VSS metadata including the backup components document and the writers metadata document storto the Christmas Island Business Email List backup vendor upon request. This metadata is us to perform backup and restore on an application-specific basis. Storage analysis with depth AES on hybrid clusters Nutanix introduc the Autonomous Extent Store AES in AOS 5. to maximize performance by storing metadata locallyfurther expanding the benefits of data locality. AES split metadata into global logical layers and local.

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AES on all-flash clusters

Physical layersimproving performance for sustain write workloads. In additionAES laid the foundation for technologies such as Blockstorewhich came in later AOS versions. To dateAES has only been enabl on all-flash clusters. AOS . allow existing non-AES containers to be convert to . AOS . now also brings this functionality to hybrid clusters SSDs and HDDsregardless of whether Mailing Data Pro they already exist or are newly deploy. As a resulthybrid clusters can also benefit from the performance gains of AES. Advanc reporting on storage usage Back in AOS 5.Nutanix enhanc the Storage Summary widget in the Prism® Element PE management consolegiving administrators additional insight into how data was stor and protect in AOS. Add visual cues and a new “View Detail” section showing node-level memory usage.

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