Today, it produces 800,000 vehicles per year, and is one of the leaders in the Brazilian market . Tip: Also see how Orgânica generat a 1,700% increase in lead generation for Imobiliária Mapa do Imóvel! The problem Orgânica Digital was approach to implement the necessary technology to create a national campaign, which would involve a great deal of public interaction with the website. We were given the challenge of creating and overseeing the campaign website, ensuring that the high flow of visitors would not be a problem. The project For 5 days, 12 cartoonists, working 8 hours a day, transform ideas into illustrations.

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In line with the campaign slogan, which was: “ One thing leads to another. The new Doblò takes them all. ”, the internet user was invit to think of a sentence about one thing that leads to another. Then, the cartoonist would make a cartoon, live, using the chosen words, and the new Doblò . Afterwards, the illustrations were available on the website to be us as wallpapers. Organic-Fiat Project The solution With the debut of the campaign on national television (within Big Brother Brasil), we knew Latest database that the repercussion would be immense, and immiate! We creat a software architecture capable of supporting a large number of simultaneous accesses.

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And then, we manage all data storage and query schuling throughout the project . Check out more about the case in the video below: The results The campaign was a success ! There were 40 hours of live broadcast and more than 5 thousand ideas for illustrations sent. The action was extremely innovative in using live transmission, a resource not yet widely us in 2009. The great interactivity with internet users was successful, the brand got closer to the public and manag to Mailing Datapro transform the launch of the new Doblò into a memorable, creative action, interactive and that surpris the market.

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