See below! Tip: Is Digital Marketing Bor? Find out how to avoid one! Types of background for Digital Marketing Social mia posts For publications on social networks , such as Instagram and Facebook, it is essential to think about the backgrounds considering the ideal formats for each of them. You may already know that Instagram stories , for example , have a vertical format, following the cell phone screen. Therefore, the image must be in the same format so as not to cause.

Avoid distractions When defining an image

Strangeness or a feeling of amateurism. Likewise, for each different content format , there is a specific size. So it’s essential to stay up to date so you don’t run the risk of having an unattractive profile ! Furthermore, especially on social mia , the content is very visual . Therefore, it is worth paying attention to details such as: Match the background to the photo’s theme : The new database background of the image (or video) nes to be in line with the theme. in the world, with more than 118 years of tradition, was found in Turin, northern Italy, and arriv in Brazil in 1976.

Digital Marketing how to choose


If the image shows a summer product, for example, it’s cool if the background is relat to the beach or pool; Use filters : social networks themselves have resources that can be an alternative when the available background does not Fiat Success Story What will you learn in this case? How Orgânica Digital achiev a spectacular result in a national campaign for one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, through: Creation of the software architecture to support the high demand of visitors to the website; Storage Mailing Datapro programming; Data query. About Fiat It wouldn’t be necessary to say much about Fiat , but why not? One of the largest car manufacturers.

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