View soberly this is an IT security nightmare. In practice the new mass conversion to working from home also entails further pitfalls and difficulties: – When the office computer is switch on for the first time by the (inexperienc) end user at home Windows asks where it is when establishing the network connection. From the user’s point of view “In the home network” is the logical answer – but from the company’s point of view it is in an untrustworthy possibly unsecur or even public network. – Due to the workload and the distances to be cover the IT specialists cannot set up and manage

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The endpoints in the same way as in the company. – Remote desirable but is usually not available because it was not requir in the original usage concept. – If the VPN is not set up – for example over the weekend – the system is ” customary in companies. Then it will Sri Lanka Business Email List neither get any updates nor will the centrally defin sets of rules be appli. The installation of software via a central software distribution is also not possible in this case. A possible solution would be to reconfigure the management systems so that they can be access via the Internet.

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For reasons of security among other things it is not feasible in the short space of time. – The fact that qualifi personnel come to the user on site to set up the workstation c of an error is neither feasible nor sensible in view of the current situation and the Mailing Data Pro danger to people. – It will become problematic in the future when the computers come back into the company network after the pandemic is over. With distribut access via the VPN problematic communication between the clients can still be prevent at the central firewall.

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