Our cell phone can sometimes be our biggest enemy when carrying out tasks, with so many social networks or games; but with Forest it can be your greatest companion. This fun tool is bas on the Pomodoro technique, which consists of alternating your times between study or work and rest intervals. That is, you enter the total number of minutes in which you want to do your activities without distractions and how long you want to rest. Meanwhile, the application will plant a tree which will grow as you study or work.

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The more goals you complete, the more trees you will have plant in your virtual forest. If you get distract and do not complete your tasks, you will see the b2b leads plants decay or dead. The more forests you have, the more virtual coins you will get. You can exchange this money for a real tree and plant it in a real forest. Get this application by entering the following links: Forest for Android . Forest for iOS . forest app 5.Canvas This application is here to stay.

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