Now, you will not only save space in your home, but money and paper for your prints: a better option for the environment. Organize and store all your information, tasks, images, videos, photos in cloud storage tools that are free for everyone. Currently there are several services of this type, but 3 applications stand out among them all: Google Drive, Onrive and Dropbox. These tools store your data on servers host in the cloud, which will allow you to upload gigabytes of information. Being free access, there is a space limitation for each application.

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Google Drive, for its part, is the best option in terms of greater storage, as it will give you 15 gigabytes. Onrive will give you about 5 GB. and Dropbox 2 gigabytes of space. While it is possible to store terabytes, these will only be exclusive through payments to the application. google-drive-dropbox-one-drive-3. I look Are b2b email list you tir of just using Power Point? This platform will allow you to make new presentations with various animations. You can add notes, draw manually, make shapes, insert links and texts, make graphics, emb photos and videos.

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Additionally, it features text chat, the ability to make comments, and voice or video chat. A special feature of this tool is that it is collaborative, therefore, any schoolmate can also participate in the presentations. Miro is a collaborative and intuitive whiteboard that can function Mailing Data Pro as a place for brainstorming, planning, research and mind mapping. Diagram alone or with friends with this tool that will help you have more agile presentations. Click on the following link to access this tool. miro-crehana-applications-tasks 4. Forest Does it make it difficult for you to concentrate while doing your tasks? Do you want to be more productive and focus more on your tasks? Focus and plant trees with Forest.

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