Taking it a step further moving “frozen” objects to the public cloud. While taking advantage of the cheap pricing of so-call deep archives is a great way to ruce long-term costs even further. This is made possible by native data tiering from Nutanix Objects to Azure® Blob Storage . This intelligent tiering functionality will also significantly improve data lifecycle management by allowing granular rules-bas data movement across different clouds while still maintaining transparency and control. Introducing Nutanix Data Lens Keeping our promise to continually deliver data-centricare excit.

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To announce Nutanix Data Lens. The new offering provides deep analytics for our customers’ unstructur data stor in Nutanix unifi storage. It provides a global view of datano matter where it is — whether on-premises or in the public cloud. Nutanix Data Lens US Business Email List delivers a cloud service that helps customers gain intelligent insights from their data and actively protect against security risks. The solution implements audit logsanomaly detection and data age analysisto simplify data lifecycle management and also to facilitateand thery improve protection against ransomware attacks.

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Custom reports produce “data about data” in a format easy for customers to understand. Innovative data analysis thanks to partnership We want our customers. To have access to data analysis that is second to none. That’s why Nutanix Varonis Systems’ Data Security Mailing Data Pro Platformwhich helps provide visibility across the data center and ge to give administrators a comprehensive view of datahow it’s being us and better protect can. For Nutanix Files version ..Nutanix has work with Varonis to make our meaningful metadata in files available to Varonis’ Data Security Platformenabling end-to-end visibility and security for unstructur data. Less administration with SmartDR and self-service recovery Nutanix Files recently introduc the Self-Service Restore SSR feature to allow users to restore their.

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