So that the corresponding security patches no longer have an impact on performance. As a result newer is better. This can be seen in a direct comparison of the following CPUs (see Fig. 8 and 9): Intel Broadwell 14 Cores  24GHz Intel Skylake 16 Cores  21GHz Intel Cascadelake 18 Cores  22Ghz true Fig. 8: New CPU generations beat their precessors: host density is increasing significantly true apartment 9: New CPU generations ruce application response times; their responsiveness increases An optimal user experience in virtual workplaces depends on a variety of influencing factors. True the right CPU sizing to optimize the user experience varies from case to case from company to company. However our tests allow some general conclusions that – at least we hope – can provide some guidance when planning the optimal CPU configuration. Contact us if you have questions about the right CPU sizing.

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We are at your disposal at contactnutanixom . Further information and offers on the subject of end-user computing can be found here: Scale your VDI environment in record time Webinar on Demand (Brighttalk): Working with Nutanix Xi Frame Everywhere Best Uzbekistan Business Email List practices for building end-user computing solutionsCPU sizing: So that the user’s patience doesn’t break By: Gaby Grau Field Solution Architect EUC Nutanix Part 1: Know the workload optimize the image Of course patience is a very subjective quantity. But each and every one of us has a point . This is the case for me after a maximum of 50 milliseconds after  has to do exactly what I want. If not frustration increases and motivation decreases.

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A real productivity problem that has become even more explosive in times of the corona virus. If working from home is to become an integral part of corporate forms of organization even after the current crisis the user experience is the most important -term success of digital workplaces that enable working from anywhere and at any time. The list of factors Mailing Data Pro influencing the user experience is long. Choosing the right transmission protocol the available bandwidth the complexity of the login process the workloads of different user groups configuration of the Windows 10 image etc. are also on this list as is choosing the right CPUs and the right number of vCPUs. This choice is in turn influenc by tools and security patches since they can have a performance-racing effect.

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