This means that services can also be maintain in the event of regional disasters.Nutanix Consolidat Storage Services offer comprehensive support for multi-cloud and data anywhere Author: Devon HelmsDirector of Product Marketing New features have been add to Nutanix Consolidat Storage over the past few weeks. They help bring workloads to where users ne them and support them with storage services. Here you can find out what is new in the consolidat storage solutions from Nutanix and what possibilities the innovations offer. More and more companies are adopting a hybrid cloud and multi-cloud model to serve users with increasingly heterogeneous nes.

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This gives Nutanix a leadership role in providing one platform for any workloadanywhere. Handling data is a core component of such a platform. Providing flexible storage capacity to enable data to be kept anywhere is the mission of Nutanix consolidat storage solutions . Over the past few Greece Business Email List  weekswe’ve introduc new features that take us a big step closer to our goal of “Data Anywhere” and s users ne them. Almost unlimit scalability A key component of any multi-cloud solution is the ability of the deploy platform to scale to the size requir for a workload and cloud location.

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Sometimes it’s just an ge location and the requirements are small. Sometimes the workloads require the entire central data center plus the public cloudmaking massive  demands. As part of the consolidat storage solutionsNutanix now offers even more storage capacity with Mailing Data Pro extremely dense nodes. We now offer 5TB capacity nodes for both Nutanix Files and Nutanix Objects.  TB of disk storage and TB of SDD storage. They offer a combination of performance and capacity that you can adapt to your storage nes. 5TB nodes are available on the HPE DX platform and are available to configure and order now. The Storage Nodes allow Nutanix customers to provision PB of raw data capacity in a -node cluster.

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