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Combin with Nutanix Objects’ multi-cluster support this feature was announc with Objects .since then an object storage namespace can span multiple clusterscustomers can combine multiple clusters to meet even very high demands in one namespace. Howeverscaling capacity is only one aspect in multi-cloud scenarios. Equally important is scaling performance. The latest version of Nutanix Files enables variable block size for file storage. This new featureavailable with Files .increases efficiency. The block size depends on the file size and can range from to KB. The maximum block size of KB supports more sequential I/O workloads that benefit particularly.

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Tests have shown that sequential workloads improve performance by up to 5 percent and random workloads by up to 5 percent. See the release notes here for details on the performance improvements . Finallyscaling is important no matter where the data resides. Nutanix can  Portugal Business Email List even be deploy in remote and branch offices on a single node where manageable scaling is requir and resiliency requirements are low. This means that our storage solutions are always ideal for use in very small to very large installations. This also allows you to standardize all data and applications on one platform.

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Managing remote and branch offices ROBO just got easier  Prism  Files. Prism provides administrators with a unifi management view of  at the corege and across their multi-cloud environment. Diverse platform support A key factor of any multi-cloud architecture is Mailing Data Pro  support for a wide range of platforms and technologies. For our consolidat storage solutionswe have again expand the coverage and can now offer storage services in the cloud as well as on-premises and at the ge. As we expand our ecosystemwe also support a greater number of technologies that our customers rely on for critical workloads.

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