OF backing up locally deploy KMS instances from multiple remote clusters to a central PC instance. This means that both your data and your keys are easily protect and secure. AHV support for Microsoft VBS and Crential Guard AOS 5. also continues what we start in early with the Secure Boot featurehelping AHV protect the integrity of user VMs. In additionAHV now supports Microsoft Virtualization Bas Security VBS and Crential Guard. VBS is a Microsoft Windows feature that creates an isolat storage space protect from compromis guest VMs. Crential Guard uses VBS to protect Windows crentials from attacks such as pass-the-hash exploitsrucing the risk pos by compromis crentials and better protecting against attackers spreading to other machines.

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Crential Guard can be enabl with AOS 5. on support Windows desktop and server operating systems. Identity-bas network policies for VDI Also the ability to use user identity to create VDI desktops with micro-segmentation from Nutanix Flowto group and segment France Business Email List is add in version 5.. This allows security policies to be dynamically assign to a usermaking it easier to create e user roles. An example of this is restricting contractors to specific applications or network segments bas on their Active Directory group. With version 5.both the assignment of the category to the user group in AD and the application of the guidelines are even easier and more secure. We’ve also improv the options for assigning desktop VMs to categories bas on the VM’s name.

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A default option for all desktops has also been add. Adaptive oplog optimization Nutanix AOS uses Oplogas a persistent write buffer for specific I/O operations to efficiently handle bursts on random writes. Oplog is a shar resource. Allocation is on a vDisk basis. This ensures that Mailing Data Pro each vDisk has dicat resources to accelerate random write performance. Previouslythe limit per vDisk was GB. With AOS 5.Oplog can dynamically grow to a larger size. T. It benefits clusters running workloads that use a small number of large vDisks. This includesfor examplelarge databases. This innovation can increase performance by up to percent for large database operations involving large writes and block sizes. Oplog improvements for sequential writes AdditionallyAOS 5. optimizes what data is written to oplogimproving performance for both random and sequential workloads.

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