IN AugustNutanix announc the availability of Nutanix clusters on AWS . This important innovation provides customers with the ability to run file storage on AWS as Nutanix Clusters also includes support for Nutanix Files. Customers looking to extend their existing architecture with Nutanix files on AOS can now do so on Nutanix Clusters. They benefit from the simplicity of unifi management with Nutanix Prism Centralwhich also allows them to manage deployments of Nutanix files. Since licenses are portable between on-premises and Nutanix clustersthis is possible without complex licensing.

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Nutanix Objects  enables object data to be partition into S-compatible object storesincluding Amazon AWS S. This offers flexibility in terms of availability and lower costs for customers who want to use cloud storage as part of their data lifecycle management. Even if data is taken Hungary Business Email List  access paths remain intact. Objects manages metadata locallyamong other thingsand thus allows search and insight into the dataeven if it is transferr to the cloud for archiving. Nutanix also optimizes storage tiering in Objects to minimize the number of PUT requests to the AWS S target. This immiately lowers the cost of AWS S and maximizes write performance over WAN links.

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With an average object size of KBfor examplethis function ruces the PUT requests by a ratio of 5 Ensuring the availability of data has always been an important task for administrators. Recent enhancements to our consolidat storage solutions increase availability and simplify management across disparate clouds. Both Nutanix Files and Nutanix Mailing Data Pro Objects now offer . By replicating object and file dataRPOs Recovery Point Objectives of a few seconds can now be achievdepending on the object size. These shorter RPOs allow even workloads that rely on data to be readily available to return to productivity after a . growing ecosystem As we continue to grow our consolidat storage solutionswe are expanding our ecosystem of support applications and environments.

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