Them to easily circumvent future obstacles – and the future is always fraught with uncertainty – especially in connection with digital transformation and a hybrid working worldow companies reorganize themselves sensibly With companies and markets gradually recoveringnow is the right time to reallocate resources for economic benefit. By: Andrew BrindVice President & General Manager EMEA SalesNutanix In almost all organizations have experienc reemployment of their business and technology resources. With the global economy picking up againthey have another opportunity to reallocate their resources – and this time to use them to create the greatest

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Value for employeespartners and customers. Because numerous changes that were already becoming apparent were finally set in motion or even accelerat by the pandemic. For examplecustomers and employees are increasingly asking themselves how they want to live and what Cyprus Business Email List the purpose of their work and that of the company is. The term “purpose” us for the latter in English is also finding its way into German usage. In the course of this developmentapproaches that answer the question of what role the company actually plays for its customers and what it means to them are gaining in importance.

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The resulting stronger customer orientation will in turn lead to a higher demand for data-driven and automat business processes. CIOs and IT departments are in an ideal position to help their organizations reallocate resources and adopt new tools and new ways of working.  of  help companies Mailing Data Pro to ruce the costs of business processes and IT expenditure. On the other handthey  of technology to the economic success of the company is greater than before – because repetitivelow-value tasks ne to be perform less frequently and the flow of information and the degree of interconnectness of information throughout the company improves.

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