Always check their profile and even the website of the company they work for before you invite a new person. Look for common elements, common contacts and a pretext for an invitation. Check who look at your profile, it’s the perfect group of peoe you can invite to your network. You already have an excuse. With a basic account you can see the last peoe, with premium accounts the list of peoe entering your profile is unlimit. While at a conference or training, use the “find nearby ” function. Connect with peoe who are attending the same event as you.

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Get involv In this part, LinkIn verifies how active you are on the portal and how you communicate with the content of your network. Do you click likes under other peoe’s posts without much involvement, or maybe you are afraid to get involv? Comment on other peoe’s posts and use the reactions Linkin proposes. It is also an important element of the Linkin algorithm, which affects both your SSI and the search level of your person. engaging-contacts-on-linkin Are you an expert, in the field of photovoltaics? This is your great asset on LinkIn.


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Think about what content you can publish to interest and engage other users of the portal. contacts. Search for peoe who may be interest in a given topic. By inviting them, you can refer to your post. Also try to interact with nd and rd degree contacts. Take advantage of new LinkIn opportunities, such as pinning your best posts or articles as recommend. Note that Google is starting to index Linkin posts. In Poland, it does not work yet, but we can expect changes soon. Write articles. They are very well receiv by users and do not disappear as easily as posts. Although here it is worth knowing that often the engagement under the article begins even a week after publication. Also get involv in the publications of others.

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