with the tools you ne to build your cloud – from infrastructure to operations and data and applications to disaster recovery and much moreOS 5. brings more performanceimprov security and automat operation Author: The AOS development team Nutanix AOS Acropolis Operating Software is the foundation that makes HCI possiblehelping organizations to break through the limitations of traditional SAN and NAS storage. With AOS 5.remote workplaces can be better securworkloads accelerat even more and companies benefit to a greater extent from the advantages of a . With AOS 5. and the associat Prism Central version PC.

External support for the KMS

Customers with hyper-converg Nutanix infrastructure will receive numerous new functions.  Short Term Support STS release and as such mainly brings new features. It builds on the significant performance improvements that customers have enjoy since AOS 5. . Among other Finland Business Email List thingsAOS 5. expands the integrat key management functions to keep data encrypt and secure. In additionAOS 5. also increases the portability of VMs running on the integrat hypervisor AHVrunningstreamlining the already rich management capabilitiesand more. In the following you get an overview of the improvements AOS 5. brings in detail for securityperformanceavailability and business.

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Office locations ROBO

Continuity as well as administration. Native KMS for ROBO environments By bringing encryption to new environmentswe continue to facilitate security. Nutanix already offers native FIPS Рvalidat data encryption and key managementwhere customers can choose Mailing Data Pro between  Key Management System or native KMS. See the Data at Rest manual for more information . With AOS 5. we have extend the native KMS. It also now supports one- and two-node remote and branch . This enables simple and cost-effective secure ge solutions. Our native KMS now also offers an option for remote PC-bas root-of-trustwhich improves protection even when working from home. AOS 5. also opens up the possibility.

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